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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any Nascar stores in Montreal? I know a few years ago in Old Montreal there was a shop there but they were closed last time I went because it was the off season.Does anyone know if they are open this time of year or what the store is called? Or any other shops that sell Nascar stuff.I am looking for Jeff Gordon stuff.
We will be visiting Montreal this Wednesday!!
Also anyone know anything fun to do with an infant in Montreal? We are taking our 5 month old up and just wondering if there is anything for little ones to do.
For Nascar, it`s still a B series race for another 2 years I believe, then the main circuit will come. So as far as I know there isn`t a dedicated store. But, any major sports store around Ste-Catherine Street(Main drag) probably will carry some Nationwide series stuff with Montreal on it with Napa AutoParts 200.

For the new guys, it`s better in summer, but it`s still worth it to climb to the summit of Mount-Royal. Still plenty of wild life on the mountain, the view of the City is great anytime of year. 5 Month`s is kinda of young, but the Bio-Dome is good also, it`s a trip around the world, you see Lynx in the Canadian section, penguins in the cold one, there`s also a rain forest.

Enjoy the City, that`s what`s it`s there for.

Here`s some links to above: Sorry Biodome is closed til Dec 4th.

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