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10-18-2010, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
You honestly made my night. I guess there are good Hab fans out there. I kid I kid I've been googling it a bit since I read your post and I didn't realize Nationwide did so well there. With viewership going down it makes sence to try to expand. I also found out my guy Jeff Gordon is building a track in Niagra Falls (1 mile track) for 172 mill and is pushing for them to bring it to Canada. He is a legend in the sport so good to hear. That could be 2 potential tracks.

If this happens I will go to every race in Montreal Living with about 6-7 Hab fans, it's easy finding people to want to go there
Yeah , It`s a hockey Forum, but the Nationwide Series has sold out every year it was North, apparently there is a deal for a Sprint Cup Race if they did well for 5 years, that means 2013 or earlier, could attach it to the week after Glen Watkins NY. Montreal has many car F1 & more, maybe just not on the Hockey Forums, because Habs fans are all over the country & world. Montreal loves the race, the tix sales prove it.

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