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10-18-2010, 02:53 AM
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Curse strikes again!
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The team played so well for 2 periods. Better than I expected but the way it ended was so disappointing.

Originally Posted by kivaerijo View Post
play on goc was an awful lot like ovechkin's play on campbell last year. nothing will come of it because it wasnt a star player that got hurt and it was a nashville player. if that was a canucks/redwing/maple leafs game, there would have been a huge thread about it. rediculous that it was just 2 minutes

tootoo with maybe the game of his career..good for him.
Tootoo was on a mission last night, he was flying all over the ice. And the play he made to keep the puck in on his own goal was great.

I expect to see no discipline on Backstrom. Why would there be? Goc plays for Nashville on the 3rd line, didn't stay down and Backstrom is a top line player and Ovie's teammate. Trotz is right, he should have been out of the game. If that only got a 2 minute penalty, then there is no way Suter should have been called in OT, but hey OV falls it's of course a penalty.

Originally Posted by kivaerijo
and there was some coyotes (rooting for caps, and from kentucky) fan last night that was calling play by play...terribly i might add. was too interested in talking about him being the only coyotes fan in the building (duh?) to notice anything..until ovechkin had the puck. called paul out for saying it was a five on three PP for us. "there is only i guy in the box. their announcer is a tard". was busy talking to his friend about his coyotes jersey to notice that the five on three was only for like 30 seconds.

sorry about that last part..just needed to vent. hate when fans from other teams chat the entire game just to make it seem like they know the game.
At the game in the row behind me there were 5 people, mid 20's. There were 2 guys and 3 girls. One girl had a Preds Tshirt on and the rest just had regular clothes. They were loud and when the 4 talked it was obvious they were not from TN or the south. When the Preds scored the other 4 started booing this girl. I mean in her face, pointing and booing her. And when the Caps scored the guys stood up and semi-cheered (they weren't caps fans, just rooting against the Preds). They kept dropping the f-bomb even with kids around them. And the one guy kept yelling every 5 minutes to bring out the zamboni and kept asking if certain plays were legal (like catching a puck and dropping it down and playing it). But of course the best part of the night was people kept telling them to shut up because every time the crowd started a "Let's Go Predators", the 2 guys would start chanting....Leeet's gooo Reeed Wiiiings. Yeah.

It's ok to go to games not being a fan of either team, but you don't have to be an *******.

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