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10-18-2010, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by BlackDog13 View Post
My 12 year old son (huge Flyers fan) and I (huge Leafs fan) will be attending the game on Sat. the 23rd. I scored some nice seats from a guy at work (Sec 107 Row 3)
as past of my son's birthday gift.

My question is this: The kid will be decked in all his Flyers finest (complete with a poster he made) I'd like to wear my Leafs jersey but I've been warned not to by some folks. I don't have a big problem throwing down if the situation warrants it but should I really worry about having to duke it out with someone over a hockey jersey while I'm out for a night with my son? I realize no one can give a definitive answer but I thought I'd throw the question out there for those who might have a better read on the climate at Flyers games.
Back to the OP's Question, Your in the lower bowl, all the fighting and rowdiness typically occurs in the nose-bleed's if anywhere. Of course no one can guarantee anything, but the possibility of anything escalating farther then some choice words for you is slim to none. Depending on your kid's age you may want to buy some ear-muffs

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