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05-08-2005, 08:40 PM
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You know perfectly well that such talk is just speculation. I could very well ask you for proof that owners would be willing to stay away for the same length of time.
Well I asked for some proof not definitive proof. Only time will yield that. Some proof of the owners' commitment can be taken from their willingness to cancel this season. Some proof of the players' unwillingness to lose another season can be taken from their surrender on the cap issue. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Is that not armageddon in itself?
As I was using the term, no. Armageddon is the final battle - the end of the world. For me that's the eternal lockout. Replacements are a step in ending that.

When the majority of teams begin to experience that, the few of 8 & Bettman will fell tons of pressure, IMO.
Maybe, maybe not. But first they have to feel it, then they have to give in to it. And let's not pretend that NHLPA won't be experiencing similar or even greater pressure.

So the folks on a message board are saying that it's up for grabs? How assuring.
Come come now, TB. You know that's not fair. There are quite a few very knowledgeable lawyers who post on this board.

Again, to me a league full of ECHLers & 25% of real players is not a league.
Oh you won't get that kind of split. In addition to the 25% NHLPA makeup, I'd venture to guess that another 50% of the slots would be filled by AHLers and prospects. (THN actually had an interesting survey this month about that. 60% of the respondents - AHLers and Euros - said they would play as replacements.)

Bank on those playoffs being played in front of half capacity in cities like Colarado & Detroit and no one showing up at all in Atlanta. That is success?
It will be a success the following season when the NHLPA collapses and its membership decides it wants its old jobs back. They will not sit back and watch former colleagues, kids, and second-best players continue to take "their" paychecks.

There is no such system. Unless you force each and every team in the league to operate on a post lockout budget of Carolina. Which means that a cap of about $15m has to be in effect.
Seems to me you say there is no such system then go on to describe the system. (Please note, too, that the cap need not be that low. The league is not mandated to make every team equally profitable, only to make the playing ground fair. "Fairness" has some flexibility, but I think you'll find that even the Carolinas of the league would agree that a $25 million cap is far better than the current system and well worth fighting for.)

And I think that you all-too readily summarize the owners are willing to let their multi-million dollar investments become 100% devalued.
Won't happen. 100% devaluation is Chicken-Little stuff; it's a boogeyman. In any event the owners have no reason to fear that the Association will let things go that far. The Association has done nothing to prove it has the cajones to do it.

Let's hope that both of us are wrong and the cretins who run the league can figure out a way to play with the real players and both of our points becoming moot.
Don't worry, TB, it'll happen. There may be replacement hockey first, but the real players will most certainly be back.

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