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05-08-2005, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by 54Fisticuffs
An answer you should be commended for, at least from the perspective that you will not lay down an opinion on something that would be at best, pure speculation.

However, if it is pure speculation that nucks and flames is looking for .. I'd have to say yes, top WHL teams would be comparable to top OHL teams, and top QMJHL teams.

Keep in mind that the only basis of comparison I have is the memorial cup ... from that I tell you that 5 times out of the past 10 years the WHL has brought home the bacon.

Can this historical information be used to compare this years teams, and this years talent? Not an easy answer to that question .. you probably can, but with the turnover rate major junior has a teams composition can look completely different from year to year.

Hope that run around answer with no conviction is what you were looking for.
I was at the memorial cup last year, and IF(thats a big if) the champions of their respective leagues were good representations of their leagues compared to the others, then the QMJHL was the most superior, because Kelowna was really fresh coming off the break thats what helped them win. Guelph did really poorly, Medicine Hat did so-so and Gatineau had an unbeleivable team that could do it all.'

But considering the amount of NHLers out of each league, I'd say the WHL is the strongest.

Also, this is a thing that could change on a year to year basis. THe Whl could be strongest one year and then the OHL the next. Anyways theres no real way to know.

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