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10-18-2010, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyskippy View Post
Don't insult me.

It *is* theater. It's sports entertainment. No more than that. No matter what - even winning it all - isn't a big deal. A Super Bowl win, a World Series, a Stanley Cup, etc. doesn't mean a hill of beans except to those that follow the respective team and/or sport. Even if "those that follow" number in the millions.
Dismissing sports as simple "theater" is the insulting statement. Ian Laperriere threw his face in front of a slap shot and suffered permanent damage to his eye. Professional football players knowingly sacrifice years off their lives.

And most things in life don't matter much outside of the value that people place in it... we aren't hunter gatherers living from day-to-day. That people care, is what creates value.

No kidding. And it only happens to 1/30 of teams. To root all-or-nothing or view anything short of a Cup win as losing is fatalistic.

The goal of a professional sports team is to make money. The end.
Only if you operate under the assumption that they will never ever win. Everyone has hope, man.

The goal of organizations and leagues is to make money... but you don't become a professional athlete (or coach) without having an insane competitive drive. The guys that lack that wash out of these leagues so fast its absurd. To suggest that competition isn't at the heart of it all... you're missing the big picture of what it takes to make it to a professional league.

And that's without getting into the fact that many of these guys are competing for their roster spot and paycheck. When guys get paid and stop trying, it's really friggin obvious.

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