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10-18-2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post
Hey guys,

Leafs fan here. I couldnt find anywhere appropriate on this board, and didnt think it deserved its own topic...So I'm posting here.

Im currently in a dilemma with my Yahoo Fantasy team, should I drop Jay Bouwmeester for Ryan Suter whom is now on waivers?

Are you guys expecting a big year out of him? Are you guys expecting to be relatively high scoring? Is Ryan Suter on the first Power Play unit?

I know he's extremely skilled, but Im stuck in between a rock and a hard place because once Calgary gets some bodies back and their offence starts clicking, JayBo could have a great year. On the other hand, I dont know too much about Ryan Suter besides his solid stats year in and year out.

Any advice is greatly needed.
Let's compare last year:

Suter - 37 points (4 goals) vs Bouwmeester - 29 points (3 goals).

I'd go with Suter. Suter plays on our #1 PP with Weber and is also our #1 PK guy. While he won't rack up many "hits" he will block his share of shots and finish with a good +/- rating. He might not be on the ice as long as what Bouwmeester will be, but to me Suter makes the most of it when he is out on the ice. Most of what Suter does-does not show up on the stat sheet, but what does show up is still better than what Bouwmeester will give you, IMO.

I can say that Suter won't score many more this year than he has in years past (not because he doesn't have a good shot, but because he is our PP QB), but I do see a slight increase. Bouwmeester has the potential to light the lamp more often than Suter does -- if your league is geared more towards goals.

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