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10-18-2010, 12:53 PM
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Hockey Giant and Hockey Monkey are great for pretty much anything - including skates if you already know what fits and works for you.

Now, if you need to be fit for skates I would highly recommend going to the pro shop at the Anaheim Ice rink facility (. Those guys are true pros and will take their time making sure that the skates fit your feet (they once spent a total of 5 hours a day for 3 days working on my nasty feet). The shop is called Ultimate Skate & Hockey. They are a Graf shop for the most part, but do sell and will fit you for other brands. Top notch staff - ask for Sandy or James.

Edit: the pro shop that Jax mentioned above, at the Lakewood facility (Glacial Gardens Ice rink), is also a very good shop to go to for getting fit.

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