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10-18-2010, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post

Correction to my post: Not all Pens fans are that stupid. One of my best friends is a Pens fan and is actually intelligent and not a hardcore homer, and knows the pros/cons of both the Pens and Flyers, I'll vouch for him...and his brother, for that matter. But those 2 are the only ones.
Generalizing an entire fanbase is what makes people generalize other fanbases in the first place.

Hardcore, knowledgeable fans represent a very small minority so most people you meet face-to-face or even on the internet aren't going to know anything, even if they think they do. That goes for all fanbases.

Every fanbase has it's fair share of smart people though and, likewise, every board has it's fair share of smart posters on here (although, some boards are better then others).

I visit practically every other active board on here and there's some pretty cool Pens fans on that board. Some pretty smart ones that I've had discussions with. ColePens, as Hovercraft noted, is probably the smartest one I've come across.

Judging a fanbase by topics like the one linked to generally isn't a good idea, as it's those kinds of topics that invite all kinds of homers and idiots to bash an opposing player.

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