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Originally Posted by densetsu View Post
Adhesive side in.

For the blade, two strips on the bottom of the blade first (I still use wood blades). Then heel-to-toe, where each strip is just barely overlapping the last strip. (As opposed to overlapping the last strip of tape at the halfway mark, which means you really have two layers of tape on top of your blade once your tape job is done.)

With my minimalist, single-layer tape job on the blade, I can feel the puck better, both as a goalie and skater. And as a goalie, when I deflect shots to the corner it feels like the puck is being deflected faster/harder. It's probably completely mental (a second layer of tape isn't going to absorb much kinetic energy), but it's what I do.

On the butt of the stick, I wrap a strip of tape around and around at the very top until the tape is about 1/2" thick. Then I wrap a single layer of tape down about 5", and write my number and a small kanji symbol on the tape with a sharpie. (here's an old, terrible cell phone picture, without my number on it).

On my goalie sticks, for a short period of time I used to tape a grip at the top of the paddle. When I found that the adhesive from the tape gunked up my blocker palm, I tried using grip tape. When the grip tape started sliding up the shaft of my stick, I gave up trying to put any kind of tape above the paddle.
I posted this on reddit hockey too and a goalie posted there, he says he tapes a grip at the mid-way point and puts baby powder on it to keep it from getting tacky.

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