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05-09-2005, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
To be fair to you .. I can't think of a modern day player who's style is similar to what Borje brought to the game.

Salming was absolutely fearless on the ice .. He would slide face first to block a shot in his own zone, and was great defensively and would log 35+ minutes a game easily in all situations.

He would QB the PP and play nearly the full PK often taking the puck and going for a skate to play keep away as the time would run down.

He was a fluent skater that glided on the ice and could change direction on a dime.

Also offensively gifted in his playmaking ability more so as a playmaker then true goal scorer.

He wouldn't back down from no one, and even when the leagues toughest team Philly and their Broadsteet Bullies tactics could not take him off his game via insults " Chicken Swede" or intimidation. They left the game saying they underestimated his character.

The NHL has seen lots of players with styles similar to Tim Horton, and I give him his dues as surprisingly he was built the same as Ian White is only 5'10" 180 lbs.. He made a lot out of that

The NHL has seen very few players that resemble Salming past or present .. he was truly unique in his on ice abilities. All this playing under the shadow of Owner Harold Ballard who despised Euro players, well maybe all except one who wore #21 for his own Toronto Maple Leafs .. Same owner who commented on fellow Swede and Borje's team-mate Inge Hammerstrom "He could go into the corner with a pocket full of eggs and come out and not break a single one"

King Salming stands alone IMO
If we're talking fearless, maybe we can compare him to Jason Smith. One thing I never understood was the trade that sent him to Edmonton, just because quinn didn't like his skating style. I know it was more than his style, before someone jumps on me for that one, lol.

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