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10-18-2010, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by UseYourAllusion View Post
It's not just "JD factories." The market is abominable right now.
I just graduated from Rutgers (not a JD factory, I think). As of graduation date, 5% of my class had secured a permanent job. We place well for clerkships, but that still left roughly half of my class - including me - without a job as of that date. A fair number of people locked stuff up over the study, but it's just a general **** show right now. I'm looking to switch careers already just to get some damn health benefits.

edit: if we're talking about GPAs and whatnot, I had a terrible GPA from a well regarded engineering school and a mediocre LSAT. Didn't get into a top school, but I basically had my pick of the bottom half of the top 100. This was before the market **** the bed, though, so I would have said you've got a great shot at a top 20 FlyHigh, but who knows at this point? Gotta try though.

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