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10-05-2003, 11:13 AM
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I like what we have. Even the rookies.

I am of a mind that the guys we have starting the season with no NHL experience are, just the same, more experienced than the guys we had up last year. They have as a good a chance, if not a better, to make their mark.

Strbak is an older player with some chops learned in international competition. He was considered the best Euro d-man NOT playing in the NHL. While this guy is new to the NHL, the learning curve will be short IF he has the God-given talent to stay in the bigs. All indicators say he's a NHL quality 4-5-6 kind of player.

Pirnes' play has shown more in what five pre-season games than Bednar showed in a season and a half. Maybe it's luck but then again maybe it isn't. His Euro pro experience counts for something and will make the change to the NHL easier. Wildcard. The guy has chemistry with Brown.

Gleason has been a dominant player at all levels. He has played out his junior eligibility because of the contract squable with the Sens. Everyone thought that unless he was completely outstanding he'd start in Manchester. Maybe he would have if Miller wasn't hurt. But this guy has been drooling to play at the top level for a couple of years. I like the fact that the coaches think he's stepped up his play. He has a steeper learning curve than Martin and Esa but there is no reason to think he won't finish what is put on his plate. The next Pronger?

Brownie has brought his game to a new level. This kid will tear up the OHL if he is sent back after his ten games. Sometimes the challenge of making good is all that a guy needs. The kid has much to learn. But the proof is in the pudding (ummm pudding). If and when he slows down and the chances aren't happening for the line he's on then we should start to question moves made in September. You have got to believe that the managment knows lots that we don't and they are being forced by his play to let him stay. Easily the most exciting player in pre-season

As has been pointed out numerous times last years bunch of rookies did not fill the holes in the lineup as we were hoping. A realistic view on them might re-evaluate Aulin and Camalierri as players on the fringe, and Frolov as a NHLer who may or may not ever be a factor on the scoreboard. Cammy is small and might be a one trick pony, Aulin can't seem to get it in gear consistantly, and Alexander has to have more than one-dimensional offensive skills to realise his full potential. There was one guy who did step up and that was Joe Corvo. He did surprise everyone with his play. He would be hard to move out of the starting six. Color me ecstatic about that.

Also I have a question that has been begging to be asked. How long was Modry in need of shoulder surgery last year? If it was a condition suffered through for 50 or 60 games then the guy is a stud and is deserving our kudos and might have another all-star season or 2 in him.

We may not need any of the rooks that start the season up here in a couple of weeks. It would be just great to find out that we couldn't do without even one of these guys.

Hey, we're due. :p

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