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10-18-2010, 11:18 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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I had to bump this up....GOOD SIGNING??...1.1M for 3 years to play 3-6 mins a game and to challenge the likes of Boogaard who is facing his own extinction in New York!!!! My god it is so obvious we didn't need this guy. I found the below post over in the Rangers forum and couldn't help laughing....

Also love the Eminger comments. This is the same guy we traded our first rounder for who could have been Carlson or Markstrom....

I mean Holmgren and Sather are two dopes who got two goons like meatheads who compare whose shlong is bigger.....

Supposedly Clarke advised Holmgren on the Shelley signing saying he was needed against teams like the Rangers! The same Rangers team that probably won't make the playoffs! Why are you worried about those chumps and blowing 1M on a goon and then of course you duplicate it by signing Carcillo! We need scoring Paul! Thanks for wasting 2.2M in cap space for two cement heads....

Then of course we have two cripples in Leighton and Walker..another 3.2M squandered. Add in an overpaid Meszeros and people wonder why Holmgren gets heat.....

At least 5.4M could have been spent on at least two very productive players!

Was at the game tonight. This is the reason why I dont go any more, games are too boring.. The first peroid was ok, second and third, awful.

I really wonder why they just keep Eminger, he seriously ****ing sucks. Do you really expect them to win with Eminger, Gilroy and DZ (not saying he's bad he just need to work on defense) on D? They need to bring up Tank to replace Rosie on the PP, im tired of him having a wide open shot and passing it.

And another thing. WTF IS BOOGAARD OUT THERE!?! They have absoutly no offence, the avs dont have any big man for him to fight, and no one is going to fight him either way. Seriosuly wtf is torts thinking?!?!

I really hope Sather and Torts are gone sometime this season. I'm tired of the same bull **** every single year.

We Ranger fans deserve much much much better!!


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