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10-05-2003, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
He uses the system. Lowe is really aggressive in alot of areas (remember Lindros? he's pulled the trigger on several huge trades), but with the farm system the organization seems to look down on the farm first, then look for deals.

He pursued Conklin and Bergeron, and won the war each time. What is the value of those two? 2 3rd rounders? Is that fair?

When it was obvious Comrie was on his way to becoming a free agent, he bit the bullet and got the guy. It cost him ALOT, but after losing Doug Weight he had few options.

One of his first free agent signings was Scott Ferguson, who despite shortcomings has certainly contributed. Steve Staios is easily his best free agent signing, and one of the best in the last three years.

If you're Mike Bishai, Nate DiCasmirro and Rocky Thompson, you must feel there's a chance you can make this club down the line. It will probably aid the team in future free agent negotiations, they have a pretty good reputation for actually using guys who sign. Not just Conklin, and now Bergeron, but Dom Pittis and Ferguson and Brian Swanson (who was here before Lowe arrived).

The organization has also been pretty quick to admit making mistakes. Ljubimov and Dopita come to mind, and they also got maximum return for Jochen Hecht.

Another aspect of this team that I like is their willingness to utilize their draft picks. Fernando Pisani was taken 195th in 1996, Sarno was taken 141st in 1997, and they are both likely to make the team. They broke camp with Brad Norton in the fall of 2000, although he had been suspended and ended up back in Hamilton.

With the exception of the waiver draft, which they havent used (unless I've forgotten someone), Lowe and company have looked under every rock and come up with some gems.

As a trader, imo Lowe is slightly above average, pretty good results for a rookie GM. But as an organization, they've been splendid at finding players.

This year's rookies (Sarno, Stoll, Luoma, Bergeron, Torres) came through every way possible.
Are you kidding me? The (marginal talent) rookies are here because Lowe has shipped the good players out and got ***** as return. He traded a star #1 C for a second line winger and 3rd line C. Where is the second line winger now? Duh!

Ferguson is a minor leaguer that will get a regular shift due to lack of depth on the Oilers.

Sarno and Pisani are gonna make the THIS team, but wouldn't make many others in teh NHL. Again, lack of PROVEN depth.

All Lowe has done is lower the talent level with pretty much every trade he made. Take away all the OTL points and you will see that the Oilers have been a .500 team instead of the 92 point team that is still improving. Lowe has not made many good moves. He has made a few brutal ones though.

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