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10-19-2010, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by AHF View Post
Alright, one last one and I'll stop bothering you guys.

We've got a lot of tables/charts in our catalog with various data. One that often comes up is 'Temperature Range' (as in -40 to +30)...

In the past, this has been translated into 'plage de température'.

Does that sound right to you guys? It really doesn't sound right to me...

I brought it up to a couple people from Quebec, and both of them were puzzled with the term 'plage'. They didn't get it at all.

Now, according to : this page, it is an accepted term in french. I'm just wondering how common this is?

Is this another case of the reader being able to understand the term, even if it's not the right one?

Between, 'gamme', 'étendue', 'écart' or 'plage', which one would you choose? Or are they all good?
Plage is the correct word.
Écart, intervalle, espace, latitude entre deux éléments, deux possibilités : Plage de prix.

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