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10-19-2010, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
No, but when someone creates a thread on ignorance, I tend to defend the player.

It's really that simple. Anyone who has even casually watched the last 6 games would see Kennedy being one of our better forecheckers, his line sustaining a cycle, his line being able to bottle the opposition up, they are getting scoring chances, he's forcing turnovers, and he is personally drawing penalties. The guy has drawn as many penalties as any player on this roster, I believe.

I could understand in the beginning of the season how people thought he was on the bubble. How people think that now though is just beyond me. No he doesn't have the stats, but neither do our 2 superstars. Adams, Talbot, Rupp, and Dupuis have their roster spots way more in doubt than Kennedy, IMO

Creating a thread citing stats as if it's the be all end all shows that you watch the game but have no idea what you're talking about, or you don't watch the game. Either way doesn't bode well for credibility when making such claims.
I mean no disrespect at all and I actually agree with you. I'm loving TK right now, I just can't stand to see people use that argument.

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