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10-19-2010, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SolidSnakeUS View Post
Apple is supposedly going to have some huge Mac update late this month, but with the iPhone and so on, who gives a **** for most? I'm sure there are some that don't even know what a Mac/MacBook is. But yeah, in general, I just don't like Apple. Doesn't mean I'm everything MS or Google either.
An announcement will be made tomorrow. I'm excited to see if they have an updates pending for Mac OS X

However, you reporting on Apple products is about as unbiased as Fox randomly calling Billy Wagner and asking him to do color commentary for the Phils-Giants series.

Originally Posted by UseYourAllusion View Post
You've made your position clear.
Yeah, we all know Snakes position on all things Apple.

If there is a demographic a computer company wants, it's the college crowd. I see a lot of Macs on campus.

Apples biggest uphill battle is that they are not widely used in business. That means they will always have small market share. How many people have a work PC and a Mac at home? All the computers at my work are Windows XP. All the computers at Temple University are Windows 7. But I have a Mac at home.

I believe I read that among college students, Apple is the #1 brand ahead of Dell, HP and Toshiba. That's something to build on for Apple at least.

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