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10-19-2010, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
I don't get the hate on Klein already. It's 4 games and people are still holding last years performance of his against him. He has not played poorly this season at all. He isn't making dumb passes up the middle like Franson did many times the other night. If people want a whipping boy, I'd suggest looking at Franson long before they look at Klein. Heck, Weber and Suter looked bad for a shift against the 4th line of the Caps yet no one would ever think of ripping on them but that was a fact. Guys have bad shifts from time to time. Even the best guys. I don't know why everyone thinks Klein is going to be this amazing guy or even great. As long as he's steady and continues to improve and play the way he's been playing, we'll be fine. Remember, he's a second pair guy on a team with 7 out of 8 points so far. I'd say that's not too shabby.
im not hating on klein, and believe me, i hardly remember last game, let alone last year. all i am saying, is i saw him on multiple occasions in the last period saturday, dogging it to corners to get pucks that allowed washington to get to it. i dont expect anyone to be great, but just like arnott last year, i will call out players when i see lack of effort.

i know it was a lot of games to that point last week, but it is more of the same this week. if they cant play four games in a week, then say so, and bench yourself for the last game. (i know that wont happen). and i will call out anyone..shea/ryan/etc if they dog it on multiple shifts. if it is one or two a game, i can understand..i guess. but saw klein do it 3 or 4 times in one period. who knows how many i missed.

that is all i am saying

and like i said earlier, caught ovechkin do it more than klein! not a fan of ovechkin anymore.

and trust me, i am not a franson proponent either. but i guess i hold klein to a higher standard right now..maybe that is wrong of me..i dont know

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