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10-19-2010, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Can somebody please compile a list of Flyers who have experienced torn labrums in particular. This is too excessive IMO and doesn't seem like a coincidence at all....

I don't care about the whole you have to shut up with the conspiracy suggestions with McCrossin b/c it's just ridiculous not to question how these players train and the impact on their bodies. I know a couple of years or so ago somebody in the mainstream press ,don't remember who, wrote an article about McCrossin and I recall Gagne and Briere saying it was absurd to question McCrossin and his methods and maybe it is but I'm just not so sure anymore. I remember McCrossin trying to defend himself in that same article but also saying if he was responsible he would have to accept the consequences. Lemelin got too comfortable with the Flyers for over a decade and McCrossin is in the same boat IMO...
Matt Walker... just got to Philly.

On top of that... he did it in a fight.

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