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10-05-2003, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by CupBound
WTF? He didn't get a good return in his trades. Why is it that a team like Van can grab good players in trades and Lowe gets crap?

It's about the bottom line. Improve the team. He failed to do it in most trades. Only a brainwashed nimwith like you would actually approve of the constant salary dumps for marginal returns. Why did Ottawa get great players for Yashin? Why did Cgy get great players for Niewendyke and Fleury?
Why is Weight gone for waiver boy and two marginal prospects?

Answer me those questions.
Normally I try to not feed trolls but I gotta jump in here. How about Guerin for Carter(Dvorak) and what turned into Hemsky? The Weight trade we will win in the long run. We would have lost Weight to UFA a year later anyways, so in effect we traded 1 year of Weight for Reasoner and 2 great prospects. A year incidentally where Weight scored 7 more points then Hecht. I think we will take players and prospects we got over those 7 missed points..

Also, I love how you discount the prospects we got back as not a sure thing, and you're right, but then talk about the Niewendyke and Yashin trades which were basically for prosepects and "not sure things" Do you think Calgary could trade Niewendyke for Iginla now? Or how about Yashin for Chara and anything? Not a chance. While prospects remain gambles, then can turn out better in the long run. Lets see what happens over then next few years. Reasoner has become a valued member of our team who brings a lot of different things to the table and Stoll is pushing to make the team at the age of 20. JDD is a great young goaltender that will probably be the Oilers starter in a few years. All that for a missed 7 points... Darn, I guess we did get screwed...

Good call, go back to your own board.

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