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10-05-2003, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by CupBound
WTF? He didn't get a good return in his trades. Why is it that a team like Van can grab good players in trades and Lowe gets crap?

It's about the bottom line. Improve the team. He failed to do it in most trades. Only a brainwashed nimwith like you would actually approve of the constant salary dumps for marginal returns. Why did Ottawa get great players for Yashin? Why did Cgy get great players for Niewendyke and Fleury?
Why is Weight gone for waiver boy and two marginal prospects?

Answer me those questions.
You're just not too bright, are you?

Weight was only going to sign long term with two teams. St. Louis and Detroit...he would have been a rental player for anyone else that year. Lowe's hands were pretty tied there. What was Jagr worth last time he got traded?

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