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10-20-2010, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post

Again, it doesn't matter how much money he is making or how long he is on the ice as long as the team is winning. And in reality, who is he really taking time away from? would the $300k the Flyers would have saved by giving the roster spot to a younger guy have kept Gagne here? Would that younger player (or a different signing) really be making a bigger impact than Shelley? Again, I'm not saying this was a good move (and I have said in other posts that it wasn't), I am just saying that as long as this team is winning and Shelley isn't costing the Flyers any games, who cares?
it most definitely matters how much Shelley is making when you are talking about a team that was just a few hundred thousand under the cap before the recent LTIR's. This has nothing to do with Gagne, or the Meszaros trade. This was a terrible signing by Holmgren. 1.1 million for a guy that may end up sitting 25-30 games or more. Thats called valuable cap space being wasted. I would be saying the same think about Matt Walker but hes on LTIR till January.

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