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10-20-2010, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Fictionzero View Post
We are not talking about Millbury, we are talking about Rypien...

In ether case, going after a fan should be instant banishment from the major league of your sport. At least in your own system the organization in question wants to save face.
To indulge you with you bad attempt at pulling a dodge and being a smart ass at the same time. The Millbury incident was far worse. Yet IMO the exact same punishment should have been handed for both incidents, their NHL careers should be over. And if the league won't hand down a ban, hopefully a 10+ suspension is given, then at least the team holding contract with the player should be done with the player to save face. If no one grabs them in that case, banished to the AHL or another league if they are lucky enough to get grabbed on loan.

Simple as that.
You do realize the first bold is an outlandish statement. Player across leagues and sports are still playing having done much worse.

So citing precedent is being a smart ass... The only other NHL occurence I can think of was the Domi one.

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