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10-20-2010, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by witticism View Post
Rypien engaged a fan. Huge no-no, I think we can all agree on that. The circumstances around what happened, as seen in the video, however, I believe also warrant attention.

Firstly, Manny Malhotra has come on the record defending Rypien.

If you watch the video however, you see that Malhotra doesn't turn around until Rypien has walked down the tunnel and the fans are shouting at him. Malhotra doesn't see or appear to have heard what set Rypien off.

Secondly, Henrik Sedin is the closest player to the altercation. In fact, Henrik visibly puts his hand on Rypien's shoulder before any of the shenanigans occurs. Rypien's response, however, is to push Henrik away (his captain!) and then launch himself at the fan. This to me shows great disrespect for a teammate, especially his captain.

Henrik's response to all this is also telling. After Rypien shoves him aside, he turns around to see what is happening. Upon realizing Rypien has now engage the crowd he turns away, walks off the bench and skates away. Unlike Malhotra, who jumps in to break them up, Henrik (the closest player to this) just leaves.

There are two ways to read this. One, Henrik showed a lack of leadership in ignoring a serious altercation. Two, Henrik is so sick of Rypien he just doesn't give a ***** and wants to get out of there. I feel the latter is closer to the truth. Just by gauging body language it seems Henrik doesn't have a lot of respect for Rypien. If that is the common sentiment on the team, it does not bode well for the guy.
Pretty bang on assessment, the way henrik walked away also bothered me. I think Henrik as the captain, needs to do more in that situation.

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