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10-20-2010, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich View Post
here is an awesome link with the Canucks broadcaster John Garret

1) Garret falsely accuses the fan of "reaching over" to accost Rypien. The replay clearly shows him standing upright at his seat clapping when Rypien lunges for him.

2) Garret says the fan is slow leaving because he doesn't want to leave his beer when no beer was ever seen.

3) the replay of events prior to the ejection was a disgrace. Rypien is skating back to his bench and cross checks the Wild player for absolutley no reason. He then sucker punches him HARD while the Wild player is being held by the linesman. Almost looks like he is knocked out on his feet. Dirty dirty play.

Garret, you have reached a new low in homerism and that is quite an achievement for you.
Garret has always been an idiot in my mind is always will be my most hated commentator.

A number of years ago he was trying to justify that the people controling the red light in Calgary should hit even if they goal didnt look 100% in. It came after the Flames hit the post, the light came on and the Flames started shooting off so Columbus stopped playing. About 2 players on the ice kept playing and the Flames put it in the net. So Garret said the next day, "they should hit the button, what have they got to lose. Players should know better and should be able to deal with distrations." ...yeah like the red light and flames shooting off above you.

Then there was the time he suggested that anchoring down the nets posts more so they didnt come off easier would be better for play. And it would somehow NOT increase injuries.

****ing idiot.

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