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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
That is easy, no chance Zherdev gets 30-40, maybe 25-24. Hartnell has a better chance of 30-30 again than Zherdev racking up 70pts.
Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Have you actually really watched this guy play? He has some amazing skills, but not the work ethic to match. So no.
Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Uh, excuse me idiot. Do you even watch the flyers games.

In 2008-09 we had 4!! yes 4! 30 goal scorers. With mike knuble scoring 27 and danny briere being injured all season. So we may of had 5. Don't insult people without knowing something about hockey.

Carter - 46
Gagne - 34
Richards - 30
Hartnell - 30

I just thought this one was funny, because the Flyers had four 30 goal scorer in 08-09 but no player on defense who scored more than @7. Now Homer has built up the defense to get more consistent production(resulted in +17 from the defense just last season) from the blueline but someone can claim to "know" about hockey but not understand that more production from blueline routinely will decrease goals from fwds.....

Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
And the team was reliant on the fwds scoring in 08-09, last year they got more production from the blueline which is going to take goals away from the fwds. Last year they had two 30 goal guys(Carter-33/Richards-31/Briere-26), but got 30 goals from the defense, I am assuming this production will go up which means fwds production go down.

Carter 'ain't scoring 40, Richards could reach 30, but most likely you are going to see Zherdev, Briere, and Giroux all with 20-25 goals, Carter with the 33, but a more balanced production top to bottom. Zherdev getting some of the numbers suggested is a pipe dream.

So realistically this is the more likely scenario there Francis.

Which is why this is most realistic, with JvR, Hartnell, and Leino possibly not reaching 20:
Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
These are pretty realistic: Carter(35-30-65pts), Richards(28-35-63pts), but Hartnell I would drop him a little bit, maybe more like 23-20-43pts.

Meszaros is going to be a huge risk here, he has not shown anything more than what he did over the last couple seasons. If this is the case I would expect him to max out at 5 goals, 15 assists, but Carle I could see having a big assist season...6-33-39, which is just a slight increase over last season. So your numbers do work out but I have a feeling we are going to be cursing Meszaros for much of the season.

Not even concerned about what we get from him, he could score 10pts and just keep the dressing room in order and I would be content.

This is going to be the big question going forward, will Giroux and JvR take it to the next level? For this team to be good with three lines they will need to take over at some point during the season for a stretch. JvR I would be happy if he hit the 45pt range(20-25-45) and raised his physical game.

Giroux, I want to compete with Carter and Richards for leader on the team, if he and Zherdev get some chemistry it could be a long season for opposing defenses and goalies......Giroux with prime PP minutes(24-40-64) and Zherdev(26-24-50pts).....but at some point on the balance of the team you cannot have Giroux and Zherdev scoring 30 goals apiece and then expect Briere-Leino-Hartnell to put up big numbers too, there has to be a give somewhere. One thing is for certain, Giroux needs to be at center, period
Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
After the first twenty games, yes. After eighty-two, no.
Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post
Funny that you'd bump a thread where you called everyone's predictions out, but didn't make any real predictions of your own.
Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I don't think anybody with a realistic approach had anyone over 85 points.

And most people certainly didn't have anyone other than Carter and/or Richards over PPG.

This is just Cartsiephan's way of making himself feel better, I guess. Let him be.
Here ya go boys, and look back and see that people were/are predicting 30+ goals for Zherdev. He is a floater, he will always be a floater. Just be realistic in the approach if you actually watch the games and not the stat sheets.

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