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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
On Walker, I just can't stop laughing cynically about this. The article states that he had discomfort before the preseason fight, and just really aggravated it when he got his manhood handed to him. Sharp deal, Mr. Holmgren! How's that voluntary disclosure of potential injuries working out for you?

Maybe he needs some sort of standard form:

Philadelphia Flyers Pre-Contract Health Declaration

I am currently:
[] Alive [] Dead [] In palliative care

I have all 4 of my limbs.
[] True [] False

Further to my current health situation, I may have trouble:
[] maintaining the tempo of an NHL game
[] contributing significantly through an entire 82-game schedule
[] walking

I have recently undergone the following diagnostic procedures (check all that apply):
[] X-ray
[] MRI
[] Exploratory surgery
[] Mirror under the nose

I have recently undergone the following therapeutic procedures (check all that apply):
[] Physiotherapy
[] Medications
[] Surgery
[] Last rites
[] Procto-craniectomy (front office only)
well done, definitaley DGB-esque.

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