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10-20-2010, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
The UFA market for a guy like Plekanec would have been around 5.75-6 mil on a 4-6 year deal, he signed for 5 mil as a home town discount. Markov on the UFA market would be in the 6.75-7 mil range assuming he has a good year and has no lasting effects from the surgery. A home town discount for him would be 6-6.25 mil per year over 4-5 years, not 5-5.5 mil...unlress his agent is a moron.

I don't think they will sign Markov to a contract that lasts till he's 40, it's just not their style. Most I can see them going is 5 years...maybe 6 at the absolute most, that brings him to 37 or 28.
Again, you fail to understand that Markov's present contract was under value when he SIGNED it. Deal with it. No matter the number of times you repeat something won't make it true. He accepted this discount before to stay here. Most here don,t see why he won't accept it again, and this time, since he will probably on his last contract, chances are we can lower the CAP HIT (not his value) with an extention of 1-2 years on what he would normally sign.

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