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10-20-2010, 01:41 PM
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Automobile Questions

So I am looking to purchase a 2nd car for myself, to be used in winter most of the time. I'm looking at used subaru's , since they're AWD .. I have a series of questions in my typical unorganized way. Whatever feedback / answers you can provide helps me greatly.

My budget is ~ 5 or 6k but could go up to 8 -10 k if I get really sold on a car. and I don't care about "flashy" style , this is the car I want to drive in the winter, beat up , scratch up and have fun with no worries . I like a boxy looking cars that looks worked in AWD almost a must.

That said, I'm looking at some older AWD Subaru Foresters (I know, not sexy, but AWD and reliable). 1998 - 2003 range. Any opinions on this make? is it Reliable???

I'm also looking at older boxy looking Volvos .. though I'm concerned about cost of repairs ... ?????

I notice on Kijiji some of the dealers have " certified mileage ".

How can an owner / dealer certify mileage? Is it basically looking at the servicing papers and verifying with the dealer? Should I be worried about " fake paperwork"? (ie: guy pays someone at the dealer to produce paperwork for servicing with low mileage -- and then owner gets KM rolled back for him).

My biggest worry -- is buying a car that was rolled back or accidented.

It's been a very long time since I bought a used car but I recall you can check the serial number on the dash to see if it's been into any accidents. I did this once a long time ago -- I don't remember if I ran a serial check with the honda dealer or the SAAQ ... and supposedly now you can do it online??? please

Any help is appreciated!

ps: H10H or other Mod, can you plz make an Auto sticky??? I'm afraid nobody will see my post in here!

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