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10-05-2003, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs

Yeah, lets make a short list..

Heatley.. Thornton, Samsonov..Iginala,Hejduk..Gaborik, Kovalchuk, Richards, Hossa, Gagne, Lecavallier .. etc etc etc...

They all suck. I can see how Gomez would top your list. There is absolutely no talent since Mogilny and Selanne made the leap to the NHL.

If Gomez would have been at the AllStar Game last year, he would have smashed Heatley's goal total.

All the above players have not panned out at all. They could only wish to have the skills Scotty Gomez does. Matter of fact, they should change the name of the Maurice Richard trophy, to the Scotty Gomez.

All hail Gomez.
LOL awesome post!

Man you completely missed rakes point, but it's alright. Rake was saying 1st year players. All of those name cept Kovalchuk had not so great first years. Selanne, Mogilny and Gomez(I beleive) played in the NHL that year of there draft and played awesome, none of those players with the exception of Kovalchuk had nothing on there first year. Kovalchuk only had what 50 some odd points? So Rake madea good point, you just didn't see it.

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