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10-20-2010, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
Based on what? His two assists? Bottom line is that he doesn't make his presence felt enough on the ice. His hits remind me of Latendresse's last year with the Habs. Hitting a guy with the sole purpose of getting credited for a hit and not hitting a guy to make a play. Pouliot is still playing without a real purpose out there. He's somewhere in between fighting along the boards for the puck and finding open space for a scoring opportunity. He can't decide what kind of player he wants to be, and that's a bit his fault and the coach's. A guy like Pyatt knows who he is, and what he is works better with the Gomez line. This line needs a garbageman-type player, someone like Knuble or Malone. From what i can recall, Malone was more of a shooter first with Pittsburgh, but has changed his game with TB to be more of a in-front-of-the-net, cause havoc kind of player. Pouliot should take a cue form him and learn to play like that. Heck just take a cue from AK, lol. Another basketball analogy: Pouliot is playing like small forward, keeping everthing to the outside despite his big frame. He needs to become a power forward, and take everything to the net and wreak havoc.
Gah, when has Pouliot even been a power forward? It's just Latendresse v2 if you try and force the guy to play a role which he is just not suited for. The guy's 6'3, 199, he's not exactly a tank on wheels.

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