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10-05-2003, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by CrAzY_NiNe
Lazyness is more learnt then just plain having it. Kilger seemed to be a relentless player in those month after we aquired him from Edmonton, it was a new chance for him and he was making sure to take full advantage of it.(Wow, we have one physical offencive player on teh habs in Kilger, cause I can't use any other examples) :\
Originally Posted by Munchausen
Ryder is different because he works hard every shift. That's what he has. He's a character forward. He's relentless. He doesn't get intimidated. Never takes nights off. He always works hard. Always. Can you say the same for Kilger?
I think you guys are both right, to an extent. I'd say Ryder could be much more useful to the team, mostly because of his never die attitude, but on the other hand, I remember pretty well Kilger's first few games with the team; he was everywhere on the ice, letting the bodychecks go and fighting for the puck. That's the effect that playing on a new team has on the guy.

I'm not saying Ryder with lose this never die attitude after he plays a couple of NHL games, but that may very well be possible. Until he proves he can play this type of game on a regular basis, and show he can play at a higher level of intensity than Kilger did in the past, I'd say we can't pretend Ryder is more useful to the team. I really like this relentless attitude he has, though. He hardly gets intimidated.

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