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10-20-2010, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by smon View Post
Gah, when has Pouliot even been a power forward? It's just Latendresse v2 if you try and force the guy to play a role which he is just not suited for. The guy's 6'3, 199, he's not exactly a tank on wheels.
When you're top 6 is small, you need power forwards to fill it up, not soft big guys. If they are soft big guys, they have to at least have perfect positioning and an innate skill for being in the right place at the right time. Oh and p.s., Pouliot is now 6'3 211, he apparently put on 12 pounds of muscle this summer. Obviously the guy knows what the deal is here: bulk up and be a power forward or get demoted. Everyone said that Latendresse coudn't be changed that he's just not a power forward, and the coaches here were trying to turn him into something he was not. Well guess what: every highlight i see of Latendresse in Minnesota is him driving to the net, mucking it up and getting garbage goals. That's all that was ever asked of him in MTL. I don't care if you're 5'6 or 6'6, if you're a scorer and you're soft in this league you're pretty much useless. Cammy and Gionta are way more aggressive than Pouliot right now and they're way smaller. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR SOFT PLAYERS ON THIS TEAM. PERIOD. Look at who we've gotten rid of lately. D'agostini, Latendresse, Laraque, all soft. Martin system is all about being aggressive on the forecheck and using speed and skill to counter attack on the rush. Pouliot imo does not put in enough effort to be a successful piece in that system. As it stands, neither does a guy like Eller just yet. Players that do are guys like Moen and Pyatt, and that's why they are always getting tried on the second line. The only thing i will agree with you on is that they should give Boyd a try as well. I bet you he'll be the next one tried out.

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