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10-20-2010, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by MasterD View Post
1. Can't go wrong with Subaru. Expensive to fix when they do break though.

2. Might want to look into 2003-2004 AWD Toyota Matrix... I have one, good cars, although they don't really look boxy, and only come in automatic.

3. I have no idea how they certify mileage, I don't trust it. Always get a used car inspected by a different garage, preferably someone you know/trust. It should be written in the buying contract that it can be voided if the inspection shows something bad.

4. The place to check if there's a loan left is the "rdprm".
very, very expensive to fix, great when there running good, matrix or even its sister the vibe arent bad cars , i personally drive a 1998 328is as a winter beater for last 3 years costing me $600 for brakes, balljoints, tie rods and alignment, the E36 BMW models are great cars and very cheap to maintain even at the dealer, with good winter tires BMW traction system is second to none, not awd but i feel very safe in that car regardless of weather, paid $8500 for it 3yrs ago with 158000km

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