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10-05-2003, 12:09 PM
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I do not normally respond to many post but I have some free time today so here we go. By the way I did not know we were friends but if it makes you feel better calling me a friend so be it.

"Log jam? At forward? What? Are you kidding?
My friend, you - and some others here - are forgetting one important factor in NHL hockey, especially in Montreal recently:


Of the above chart Higgins Plekanec and Dwyer will be propably sent down AND if you substract players that are already hurting; Koivu Zednik Juneau Kilger Langdon and Begin, Habs are reduced down to 9 forwards.

While some of the above mentioned will be called up or get better through the course of the season, someone always get hurt. I personally have the feeling Canadiens will have trouble sending 12 healty forward NHL lineup to the ice and to me it seems like Gainey was forced to add a couple more bodies to have depth.

Anyone thinking Habs will have completely healthy lineup for whole season is dreaming and not living in a real world. Wake up"

Here is the real world.

Jan Bulis---------Saku Koivu-------Richard Zednik
Marcel Hossa-----Mike Ribeiro-------Jason Ward
Michael Ryder-----Chad Kilger-----Niklas Sundstrom
Gordie Dwyer----Yanic Perrault-----Donald Audette
Darren Langdon---Joe Juneau-----Andreas Dackell
-----------------Steve Begin--------------------
-----------------Chris Higgins--------------------
---------------Tomas Plekanec-------------------

Patrice Brisebois, Mike Komisarek, Andrei Markov, Stephane Quintal Craig Rivet, Sheldon Souray, Ron Hainsey, Francis Bouillon

Mathieu Garon, Jose Theodore

As of now we have 28 players with the Canadiens.
1 defenceman will be sent down (maybe Hainsey).

that leaves us with 27 players.

2 forwards will be sent down (Plekanec and Higgins) Dwyer will not be sent down.

that leaves us with 25 players.

Juneau will be ready for the first game and it was not known untill recentally that Langdon and Begin hab minor injuries but regardless they have both said that they will be ready for the first game of the season in fact Koviu is also a possiblity to start the season.

If my math is correct the Habs have 25 players who will be ready to play at some point. No one can guess when a player will be injured or if they will be injured at all. Unless you have a crystal ball I do not think you can either and if you do have a crystal ball you should be spending your time seeing more important things like the numbers to this past Fridays Super Seven worth 25 million dollars.

Yes Koivu , Zednik and Kilger are injured and right now things are rolling along. the time will come for the Habs to cut 2 more players regardless. Gainey will not wait or hope that players will keep geting hurt before demoting or trading 2 more players.

Also having Koivu, Ribeiro and Perrault as a 1, 2 and 3 centres is a real problem in my opinion and one or two players will be traded before seasons end in my opinion. The fact remains that the Canadiens need a big strong and aggressive Centre with some scoring ability.

Also when I posted my Depth Chart the only order I put the players in is by position and not by who is more talented or deserving of the 1st spot or 5 spot.


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