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10-21-2010, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by driller1 View Post
I don't think anyone from the bench saw the hit - that's what TM seemed to indicate post-game. Since it would have been unclear who did it and whether there was intent to injure, they probably held off until they could see the replay. This definitely wasn't as blatant as the Thrasher game a few years back where Artykin (sp?) ran Doughty. Heck, those of us watching the Kings feed didn't figure out what was going on until an hour after the game.

I blame lack of retaliation on lack of information at the time.

I understand but this happened in the first period. Is there no communication whatsoever between our players,coaches,trainers? Nobody goes into the locker room and says, "what happened to Doughts?" and when the response comes,"Cole caught him", that should be enough. Even if it seems minor at the time its important that a message is sent, especially if it's our best player. I mean this 20yr old kid is only the best thing to happen to this franchise in 17 years god forbid we overreact in protecting him.

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