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10-21-2010, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
I can't imagine I would press charges either, but I guess it would depend on how the league deals with Rypien and how the team deals with me. If Rypien were to get a slap on the wrist (although I think it'll be significantly more than that), I might be inclined to make it a bigger deal.

Regardless of what was said by the fan, the fact is that a pro athlete initiated physical contact with a fan. That should never happen, and it's an ******* move by the player.

If this fan had heckled him across a restaurant when the player was out with his family, I think it would be looked at very differently. As a pro athlete, he needs to smarten up.
Unless I was actually injured, there'd be no way I'd sue him. Yeah, Rypien 100% should not have done it and should be suspended a few games but come on. This is HOCKEY. So a guy grabbed your shirt? Big deal. I would 100% love to be heckling Sidney Crosby and have him come up and grab my shirt and and get in my face. That would be an epic accomplishment to know that my heckling caused a pro athlete to lose it and try to beat up some scrawny fan who was probably drunk.

Now if he broke my nose or something and I had to pay the medical bills which I can't afford, that is a different story.

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