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10-21-2010, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
no not kidding when i had my CRX in the pic, i would get pulled over almost on a weekly basis, if it wasnt for exhaust noise, if was to check emission, or tinted windows, it was always something different, ive got almost twice the power in my M and have yet to be pulled over once, i make jokes now with my buddies who still have there Honda's, cops dont pull over BMW drivers. A stock E36 M3 is a very cheap sports car to own, the E46 M3 on the other hand can be very expensive to up keep.
Cause the CRX is an easy target cause it's like 20 years old dude. I almost never get pulled over in my civic and it's an Si. I did get pulled over once though recently

The CRX is really ricer too, a normal civic isn't as bad as a CRX imo. CRX is like asking to get pulled over. It's old, it's leet, people modify them heavily (ls-vtec frankenstein ftw) and frankly they are what they are

But I can understand you make the comparison based off personal experience which is fair enough. Definitely got pulled over less in my Taurus

Originally Posted by mt_mtl View Post
PS. Subaru's sold in Canada/USA are made in the USA....

Just an FYI
Engineering and Assembly are two very different things though. Being manufactured in America is a good thing. Look at the golf it's manufactured in Mexico now and it's ****. Quality control in America is actually pretty good, it's the engineering they had issues with, how to make a good car, not how to assemble one.

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
got one now already.. great cars, so reliable. However I want AWD, and a sedan or SUV with a boxy styling. Honda CRV could be an option but I'm just not into the styling (too girly), especially the older models in my budget.
You do realize the accord is made in AWD ver now that's probably better than a forester right? but yeah they don't have any used ones in your price range since it's new

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