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10-21-2010, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post

You do realize the accord is made in AWD ver now that's probably better than a forester right? but yeah they don't have any used ones in your price range since it's new
Honestly, the more I test drive older cars the less I want an older car lol

Watch me end up coming home with a new Pathfinder (if they're still being made)

I think the chances of me getting a car from a big name dealer in the 10-12k range is getting higher since I'm just too paranoid to deal with shady old cars or repair issues.. last thing I want is to buy something for 4K, then get hit with repairs that bring the real price even higher... minus well just put a bit more and get a newer car that won't give me issues I guess. With that said, if I kind find an older Accord with low mileage for 5 or 6 K than it's pbrly the best value I can get -- those cars are virtually headache free (though not AWD)

I'll keep my eyes open for my original budget and see if I find that 93 year old grandmother who wants to sell her 4x4 that has only 23,000 KM for 5K

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