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10-21-2010, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Ya I know. I'd like to try driving something different , but most important to me is reliability and a good deal..

oh ya, the guy is throwing in 4 summer and 4 winter tires too.

dealers would be selling this car for 9500 - 10 K from what I see...

I'm a bit impatient and don't want to waste my days hunting for a car .. as time is money, lol
You can't really go wrong man. Low ball him, tell him you'll come with 6.5-7k cash right now (obviously after checking the car out at a mechanic) and see what he says.

I'd expect in best condition it's worth about 9k realistically. If it's medium condition for 7k can't really go wrong if a mechanic tells you it's good to go, plus if the tires are in top shape that's a lot of money being saved as well.

Originally Posted by alexstream View Post
no it's not stupid... but it's like ending up with Robin instead of Batman.

it's still a superhero... but not the one you wished you had.
Problem with cars is give a mouse a piece of cheese he'll ask for a glass of milk.

I was thrilled to get my Taurus when I got it, fully loaded luxery model of the Taurus, I know Taurus isn't great but for a first car it was awesome.

Then I wanted more (lol) cause of the power, the fact that fords suck and stuff was always breaking, stupid stuff too, not stuff that normally stops working on other cars.

Now I drive an 08 Civic Si sedan. It's ****ing awesome the thing really rips, it gives me everything I had in my Taurus + more. The thing has balls and for a 4 cylinder I love it. Now I want a ****ing Challenger SRT8.

What do you think is going to happen when I get that Challenger SRT8? I'll pull an h10h and I'll pine over a viper, an austin martin, etc.

Eventually one day if I'm rich I'll get the Veryon and you know what? Within a year I'll reminiss about how I loved that Honda I owned as a kid. With cars you can't ever win. I absolutely loved any car I ever owned when I first owned it. You just find yourself wanting more, or wanting something different.

Like right now I say I'll never drive an automatic ever again but in 15 years who knows

(Thanks for all the merges I know I don't make life easy on you, will try to be better in the future but I'm the type of person I think of something I have to say it right away or else I forget what I was going to say or my point about the first post before I read the 2nd a combination of pot and ADD)

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