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10-21-2010, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by jimmy1100 View Post
Do you try and take everything I type the wrong way? Advocate a dirty act? I mentioned Bertuzzi and McSorely. The former jumped a guy from behind and rode him face first into the ice and the latter swung his stick baseball-bat-style at a man's head. I mentioned them because that's obviously NOT the response I'm talking about.

Perhaps the confusion is that I mentioned a 5-minute major. In retrospect maybe I should've said fight instigator instead. All I meant was that I don't care if the response costs us a goal or a game, I just want a response PERIOD. ANYTHING at all. You seem to have a great hockey memory, so I'm sure you can think of an instance that I'm talking about.

Here's an example - Jack Johnson's hit on Ryan Smyth two years ago. (When Smyth's head hit the padded end-glass by the bench). His teammates immediately came in and started some ****. Nobody was brutalized in response to a perfectly clean hit, but play was stopped because of the response (and because Smyth was out) and the message was clear from Colorado - we saw one of our best players get hit HARD and we're here to back him up, regardless of whether the hit was clean or not.

That's all I'm saying needs to happen next time one of our biggest stars (and most important players) has something like this happen.

Remember, I already said that I understand why this didn't happen last night (most people missed the play entirely) but I'm saying that I want to see SOMEONE respond to the next one. Somebody HAS to do something. Doesn't have to be egregious, but something's gotta happen.
I'm with you even though I've been called out for it in past threads. I think any time one of your star players goes down from a big hit, whether clean or dirty, a number should be taken.

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