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10-21-2010, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by leek View Post
Nah, I'm not pissed DSL, just pointing out the double standard. When Arniel benches little Nikki, it's deserved, when Hitch benches him, he's a nasty old ogre.

I'm not even upset with Arniel. The only thing that has upset me is this team's seemingly limitless ability to go into a shell. Sitting in the arena last night, I told my wife that it looks like they are on a 13 minute penalty kill. Obviously, the Jackets were in a shell for 55 minutes or so against the Blackhawks.

No resiliency...I guess I'm unhappy with our GM.
I'll take the bait...

There's a difference between limiting Nikki's playing time because he isn't doing what we know he can and should do (i.e. score) versus scratching him after he played one of his best games because he wasn't (allegedly) doing something which isn't really his strong suit (i.e. checking). I'm sorry, but that scratch on the West Coast trip last year was BS, plain and simple.

Furthermore, does it make sense to keep trotting out a second line that isn't getting the job done? It isn't even about punishment--it is about getting results. They aren't--something has to give.

Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
If you swap Nikki and Nash, that implies that Nikki is not on the top line. Whatever line Nash is on is the top line, as that's the line the other team will focus on.

So we can argue if Brass and Jake are ready for that. No, but it would take some pressure off Juice and Vermette to get them going. And Nikki seems to have some chemistry with Juice.

Just a thought.
I agree that Nikki and Juice have had some chemistry. I'm just not sure that Nash has displayed any chemistry with Brassard and Voracek to this point.

I'll be honest, I'm at a loss to come up with any great line combos. But, we don't have a depth problem.

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