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10-21-2010, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BadHabit View Post
All wheel drive Honda? How long have they been making those - 5 years? Less than that? I'm sure they've got it all figured out in that time. Subaru on the other hand has been designing and manufacturing their AWD system for nearly 40 years. They have been consistently one of the best manufacturers in the World Rally Circuit until they left and have won many titles even in the production class driving cars like what the public drives. Bottom line? Just because Honda or any other manufacturer throws an "AWD" sticker on the back of their vehicle doesn't mean it's of the same quality system as one that has been proven to be one of the best year after year.

You will have to decide what you want. If you don't care about AWD that much and just want a beater that will last, by all means get a Honda - they are excellent cars. (a Pontiac Vibe though, seriously??) But if you want an amazing AWD system that will get you through just about anything and keep you safe, all while being just as reliable, pay a little extra and get a Subaru. You won't be disappointed. My WRX and my fiancee's Forester are the best vehicles I have ever driven in snow. Put some winter tires on them and you'll be unstoppable.
my friend you come off as knowing so much if you would know anything Toyota and GM used Subaru"s awd system in the vibe and matrix, and furthermore BMW uses Subaru awd system in their Xi models, many deals manufacturers pull off and the general public never knows.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Cause the CRX is an easy target cause it's like 20 years old dude. I almost never get pulled over in my civic and it's an Si. I did get pulled over once though recently

The CRX is really ricer too, a normal civic isn't as bad as a CRX imo. CRX is like asking to get pulled over. It's old, it's leet, people modify them heavily (ls-vtec frankenstein ftw) and frankly they are what they are

But I can understand you make the comparison based off personal experience which is fair enough. Definitely got pulled over less in my Taurus

Engineering and Assembly are two very different things though. Being manufactured in America is a good thing. Look at the golf it's manufactured in Mexico now and it's ****. Quality control in America is actually pretty good, it's the engineering they had issues with, how to make a good car, not how to assemble one.

You do realize the accord is made in AWD ver now that's probably better than a forester right? but yeah they don't have any used ones in your price range since it's new
my crx was so sexy though, jdm front end, H22 type S engine, put $23,000 into the car got $10,000 back things you do when your young and stupid, wait a minute i just sunk $25,000 into a 99 M3, i guess im still somewhat stupid.

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