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10-05-2003, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by g0dlike
It's administrator remarks like these, that have made me come to these boards less and less. If someone wants to troll, buck up and ignore him, or get into a flame war with the troll. Why should it be an admin's divine right to delete a troll post? An admin should make sure that offensive, ignorant (read: racist, sexist, over the line sexual remarks) are deleted and not read. I find that there are too many "You be careful or you'll be banned" remarks from the admin's here. Boards like these are moderated because people don't like spam, or don't want to see the ignorant crap that makes it's way on to Usenet. If people here can't handle a troll that says, "Jovo is crappy", then they really need to grow up and not take life so seriously. Why can't someone be antagonistic? What gives you the right as a mod to stop them from starting a hockey argument? If people don't want to reply or "feed the trolls" they shouldn't. Censorship sucks, man. And for you to 'warn' someone that they are 'pushing it', that's BS.
if posts from trollers become tolerated, it's a slippery slope that will lead to more and more of this kind of behavior and pretty soon, all you will see on other teams boards are trash talk that will flood the team boards with utterly useless antagonisms with nothing constructive being contributed.
I tolerate and ignore trollers, but I can see that letting statements meant to antagonize fans just leads to trouble..

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