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05-10-2005, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox
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As for the question, I can't believe Sittler is winning this poll. There are much more deserving players in the Leafs alumni, cheif among them Syl Apps, George Armstrong, Dave Keon, Turk Broda, Frank Mahovolich and especially Teeder Kennedy. Sittler, a Hall of Famer who obviously had a great career, would be very hard pressed to be in the Leafs All-Time Top Five.
I voted for Sittler, but I see your point. These questions are quite subjective. They played in very different eras, fans have limited knowledge of the players, and it's difficult to know in which sense we think of the player as representing the Maple Leafs, as opposed to any other team.

Most of your list are good candidates, although I don't think George Armstrong merits serious consideration. Mahovolich suffers in my mind, because he is so famous for being traded away from the Leafs.

Of the others on the list, I think Sittler is superior to them in the high profile area of offensive skill- with the possible exception of Syl Apps. And it doesn't hurt that he is the all time leading scorer for the franchise.

Sittler also bled blue and white and continues to have a relationship with the team to this day. All of that contributes to his being "great."

But I reiterate- its a subjective thing, and I would not quarrel with any of your choices, other than Armstrong who while certainly an important part of our history, doesn't merit serious consideration alongside the rest.

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