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10-22-2010, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
So I went to see the Accord all the way in Anjou ( I'm near CSL / NDG ) , waited for him inside the mall for 20 minutes --after dealing with the traffic to get there -- he finally showed up and the car was awesome.

Perfect condition, everything about it was great.. Drove like new. I was ready to make a deal........... but he wasn't!

" I promised 2 other guys that I'd show it to them " WTF?!

What's up with that?? It's like going to the dealer, agreeing on a price, and then the salesperson says " ok, well I'll let you know by Monday , I have a few ppl coming in to check it out".

Wow this car hunting is proving to be a major waste of time and energy... especially if this guy doesn't call back. Oh ya, we agreed to $7500 and his 8 tires.
Be prepared to walk from this. Just a hunch on my part of course, but don't be surprised if he says he's received an offer for say $8000 from one of those "2 other guys". Hoping he can make an extra $500 off of you.

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