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10-22-2010, 08:35 AM
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A simulation of the call to Toronto:

"Hello, Toronto, did you see that last play?"

"Yes, we did, in between jacking each other off while watching the Penguins game."

"Okay, that is good to hear, so this decision should be quick. I blew the whistle before the puck crossed the line and waived the play dead immediately, so the call on the ice should stand and there should be no goal, right?"

"Yeah, the call on the ice should stand, it is a goal."

"But... that wasn't actually the call on the ice."

"Did you forget the first thing we taught you in our NHL referee certification course?"

"Maybe, refresh my memory"

"**** the Flyers."

"Oh, right. I guess it would be suspicious if we didn't continue our trend of stealing good goals from Flyers and then having hypocritical double standards in the exact same situations when they are on the other side of the coin. But what about the fact that that wasn't the call on the ice? What should I tell these fans that are going to jump down my throat for being a jackass?"

"Oh, Crosby! *fap fap fap*"

"Thanks for the help guys..."

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