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10-22-2010, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
It's possible, but I've never heard of that before either. So I agree, it's probably a good idea to call the dealership. The only reason I can see him wanting you to do the transaction at the dealership is he's using your money as his down payment. This way he doesn't have to hold the $7500 you give him or wait for a check to clear if that was your agreement. He'll just have you give the money to the dealership directly.

The $100 deposit isn't bad, but I hope you got a signed receipt? As for the waiting, you're in the drivers seat so to speak. I would have told him to drop another couple of hundred dollars off the price for your inconvenience, but that's just me.
The dumbass probably is still financing the car and needs him to pay the remainder of the car off before he can purchase his new one probably.

Originally Posted by jdmef8vtec View Post
theres no mechanic out there that can check and guarantee you an automatic transmission is mint, todays auto transmissions have so many electrical components that fail only intermittently, checking a transmission is not like checking a balljoint or how much brake material you have left.
Ahh didn't realize that. I just remember Mr Lube offered a service like this but I'm guessing it's manual.

I mean really though with an automatic it's fairly obvious if something is extremely wrong with the tranny only because of how the car will drive. The tranny on my Taurus was dirty and you could tell. If he takes it on the highway and pushes it a bit he should be able to tell. Also when the tranny ****s a lot of the time isn't there a check engine light? I'm not entirely sure about this you might be right but going based on adverts I've seen.

I'm guessing though the service is meant for manual. To be honest it would take a lot to beat an automatic honda's tranny anyways barring issues (like the ones linked above lol)

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